Thursday, September 01, 2005

I guess the K stands for "Krass."

Hey, Did'ja hear the one about Bobby Kennedy Junior blaming the governor of Mississippi for Hurricane Katrina?

Go ahead, read that sentence again. You read it right. RJK Junior actually blogged on the Huffington site about how this, the largest natural disaster we've seen in the USA in at least 100 years, is all because Governor Haley Barbour opposed the Kyoto accords.

And, in case that doesn't make you physically ill, try this one on for size: He actually wrote and posted this DURING THE HURRICANE!

That's right. While the storm surge was carving a path of death and misery unparalleled in Mississippi history; while levees were shattering and destroying the Crescent City - while people were still dying by the score, RFK Jr. was openly blaming Governor Barbour.

And please don't think it was subtle. The title of the Blog? "Those who sow the wind shall reap the Whirlwind." That's right, a quote from the book of Revelations. I'm not making this up.

You'll notice that I can't point you to the Huffington Post (not that I'd want to), because she had to remove it after Drudge linked to it. The weight of scorn was overwhelming.

How crass were RFK Jr.'s actions? It's analogous to somebody writing about Sirhan Sirhan and the rise of radical Islamists while his father's body was still bleeding in the ambulance. It's analogous to someone writing about how non-instrument rated pilots should be allowed to fly during IFR conditions while his cousin's body was still not found.

It is deplorable. Inexcusable. Disgusting.

Yet another Kennedy sews a star on the Flag of Dishonor that liberals love to wrap themselves with.

Free speech? Absolutely. But now it's time for Bobby to reap what he has sown. If he wants to politicize this, let's contrast his actions over the last few days with Governor Barbour's. Let's shine a light on the real truth here.


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