Friday, September 09, 2005

Who do I get to punch?

If there's one thing that Katrina has clearly shown: we are a nation with far too many idiots.

I'm not talking about the victims of Katrina, I'm talking about the people making hay from it.

As you know by now, Senator Mary Landrieu (D- LA) committed a felony a week ago by stating that she would "have to punch him (President Bush) - literally" on national TV.

A few days after that I read an article by a NOLA survivor who is also threatening to punch anyone who dares to defend Bush or FEMA.

Last night Geraldo Rivera stated that he'd like to punch Alessandra Stanley, the NYT reporter who he claims has libeled him, but he can't because she's a woman. He still referred to her as a punk, mind you, but is clear that he can't actually punch her.

Welcome to one of the many fine legacies of Katrina. The "who do I get to punch?" effect.

I don't recall anyone threatening to punch anyone other than the terrorists after 9/11. There was talk of asbestos in the air, and all sorts of potential "government failures," but the people - NEW YORKERS, of all people - pulled together. They helped each other. People slept on stairs, benches, etc., unable to get home. Nobody was raped, murdered - or even punched.

There is, in fact, a time to strike at someone. If your spouse or children, or maybe even your dog, are being assaulted or battered the time has come to strike. Punch, kick, whatever it takes.

If you are being attacked, by all means defend yourself.

Mary Landrieu is a United States Senator. For her to stoop to this level is simply unacceptable, regardless of her emotional state.

Geraldo Rivera was doing all sorts of great things down in Louisiana. He, personally, helped save a lot of people. But like Landrieu, his misguided machismo turned a postive into a huge negative. For crying out loud, he has a bully-pulpit of his own to retaliate from. Calling Stanley a liar was fine - it's true! Calling her a punk is a bit coarse, but I'll spot him that. He was angry. Saying that "if she was named Alexander, I'd call her out and punch her."

Hey, why take the high road when it feels so good in the mud?

Just remember that when everyone is in the mud, it's hard to tell the pigs from the people.


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