Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Be Jealous. Be Very Jealous.

The Pacific Ocean in all its splendor sits before me as I type this. Palm trees, pounding surf, and perfectly landscaped gardens all around. The onshore breeze keeps things comfortable all year long, and the property values here are basically as high as anywhere in the world.

This is the land of the affluent, that's for sure.

And they can have it, for sure.

For as beautiful as it is here, it's missing the one thing that would light up the whole place: my bride.

My job takes me to many places. Some are cold and some are warm; some are lush and some are barren. Some resonate with centuries of history, while others are essentially pop-culture through and through. And the "front part of my brain" sees each for what it is. Sees the architecture and the landscaping and the industry and the restaurants and the things that make life good or bad in each place. I read the articles in the local papers from people bemoaning this town or praising this other one.

But you can have all of them, because it is the back part of my brain that knows the real truth. When she is there, no matter where "there" is, life is good. Life is complete. I'll take Lacrosse, Wisconsin, over LaJolla, California, any day... if she's in LaCrosse - even in January.

Her smile lights up a room, and her laughter is like rain after a drought.

My biggest gift from God this side of Salvation, that's for sure.


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