Monday, February 06, 2006

Issues With GW Bush, Part I

As the sun comes up on the East Coast the whole United States breathes a sigh of relief that we didn't hear Mick Jagger say what the woman in "Start it Up" makes a dead man do. That was very nice of ABC, wasn't it?

Now, about the repugnant ads for Grey's Anatomy, was I the only person who saw those? You know, the ones with Doctors making out in the linen closet, a woman with blood and gore all over her face (screaming), someone hollering something about a "Code Black," a scalpel going into an opened body cavity, etc. They replayed this ad every chance they got. It must have been on seven or eight times.

We don't want to hear "dead man cum" tucked into a song, but seeing blood and gore on a shrieking woman's face every 20 minutes is fine?

Children watch the Super Bowl. That was the problem with Janet Jackson, and it's the problem with ABC in general. More importantly, it's a HUGE problem with the FCC.

So now I know that ABC has some new "family" show coming out. The ad had the daughter and mother talking about how there is no sex after marriage. The daughter was wearing braces, and was pubescent. We won't even talk about the parents of the child actor that was in that PG-13 scene. What's more bothersome is that all over America young children watched this swill. Seven year old girls saw hospitals as insane asylums, again and again and again. Nine year old boys were once again told how lousy being married is, and/or that they'd better get their sex now.

Where is the FCC? How is it that ads aren't rated for adult content, still? This isn't something that GW Bush would have to ask congress to approve - it's simply something he could do himself. He talks about technology, technology, technology, but does he have a clue that the VChip is already out there? Does he know that most Cable/Satellite boxes now have it built in, and can be programmed?

If those ads were rated PG-13, my set top box would have blanked them out and I wouldn't care that ABC is a septic wasteland. But that's not how it happened. Instead, we get to see ads with nearly R-rated violence and sexual content with no way to stop it. It's the last part that bothers me. Can't the FCC at least give me a way to stop it? Can't they rate ads?

Of course they can, but they won't. Why?

Ask the boss.


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