Monday, March 06, 2006

The Madness of George Clooney

So, I was watching the award for "best actor or actress in a supporting or leading role in a drama or miniseries or comedy with technical acumen," when I noticed that Jack Nichols...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... zzzzzzz...

I watched about 2 minutes of this drivel, prefering something on the Discovery Channel or Lawrence Welk reruns or basically ANYTHING else...

I do believe that even the people in the Blue States are starting to see just how out of touch Hollywood is with the rest of not just America, but the known universe. And regardless of what George Clooney says, this is not a good thing. To paint the Movie Industry as progressive, noble, or anything else is akin to calling Islam "The Religion of Peace."

Brokeback Mountain didn't win best picture, and the internet is flooded with nearly-enraged commentary from people "In the Industry." Who cares? I mean, seriously, who cares? All of America is asking that very question today, and therein lies the rub. At some point Hollywood has to realize that the Box Office "slump" they're living through isn't a slump. It's a trend.
Not a death spiral, mind you, because entertainment will never die. In fact, entertainment will continue to grow - just less and less in Hollywood.

Why? Because could you imagine what a pain in the buttocks it must be to work with most of these people? Seriously, could you imagine having to listen to them, put up with them, etc.?

Could you imagine having to hear George Clooney talking about how "progressive" he is?

Really? Then help me through this conundrum:

Hollywood is an industry based almost wholly on flesh. It is the place where physical beauty is an obsession, and ugly people are scorned. Plastic surgery is the norm, paranoia about your looks is not only accepted but embraced. It is, possibly, the most emotionally shallow place/industry on the planet.

And yet they view themselves as "progressive," because they accept people from all walks of life - as long as they aren't ugly, overweight, conservative, or christian.

Ah, I see...


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