Friday, May 05, 2006

The Clinnedy's

Nice to see another "star" Demoncrat remind us of all that's good with their party.

Corruption knows no political lines. We've certainly seen our share of corruption on the conservative side of the aisle. The difference, of course, is that when true conservatives see corruption, they throw the bums out - or in jail. Ask "Duke" Cunningham how we treat corrupt politicians, even when they're War Heroes. I didn't hear a single person defending him, conservative or otherwise.

Contrast that to the Clinton's and the Kennedy's.

-Sexual predation is common to both families.
-Insider trading? Sure.
-Substance abuse? Gotcha covered.
-Callous disregard for human life? (i.e. "manslaughter") No problem.
-Driving while impaired? That's entertainment.
-Lying under oath? C'est magnifique!

And what's best about the whole thing is that it shows how well representative democracy works. From where I stand these two families - heck, they're so similar we might as well merge them and just call them "Clinnedy's" - well mirror the people who vote for them.

Not because they are so obviously vile, because as I said you don't have to go too far to find corruption on either side of the aisle. No, what makes the Clinnedy's so uniquely qualified to represent the people who vote for them is:

The voters who keep re-electing them don't seem to mind.

In fact, they *rejoice* whenever one of the Clinnedy's gets away with murder, rape, driving while impaired, etc. They think it's JUSTICE that their guys keep playing the privelege card, even as they call for trumped up charges to be leveled at Bush, Cheney, etc.

Which is why liberalism, as practiced here in the good'ol USA, is such a pestilence. To think that we can survive as a culture, let alone as a nation, while allowing such deviance is folly.

But I'm guessing that the latest Clinnedy fiasco will not only mutate away from the criminal who purveyed it, but will actually become a witch hunt against Big Business. Of course, the issue here wasn't with a Clinnedy driving drunk... No, it was the Ambien! Clinnedy was Ambien Driving!

He was a victim, and justice demands that we go after the REAL perp here: Sanofi-Aventis.

Mark my words, this is how the MSM is going to spin this...


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