Monday, October 16, 2006

North Korea is already China's Puppet

No coy title for this one. I'm hoping that I might get a hit or two with the direct approach.

For the 100 million Americans out there who refuse to smell the coffee, allow me to make this simple for you: North Korea is already a puppet state of China. This isn't a threat of danger, it's a fate accompli.

Fifty some-odd years ago the Chinese sent approximately two million of their soldiers to fight for North Korea. About 1/4 of them - 500,000 or so - were killed. That's more than the United States lost in WWII, on all fronts combined - and we STILL remind the French "hey, you owe us."

How do you think China views that deal? Do you really believe that they pulled out of North Korea completely back in 1960 or thereabouts? Really? Who made them? Russia? The USA? Really?

China has controlled approximately 30% of the planet's population for the last 100 years. They might not have been able to project their power, but they are the one country that nobody has been able to conquer. Japan tried and failed (more on that later). Russia new better than to try. You simply can't conquer 1.3 Billion (in today's numbers) people.

So, instead, we pretend that they are "nice guys." We offer them Most Favored Nation trading status only minutes after Tianenmen Square. We declare them part of the "great nations" even while they actively oppress their people, threaten Taiwan with assimilation or annihilation, and harvest organs from prisoners.

Tell me, have you seen any native Chinese tell you "I'm the middle of three kids" recently? No?

Fascinating. Such self-control those Chinese have over their libidos. It must be their superior diet, or something like that. Perhaps their amazing Eastern Religions allow them to focus on the true meaning of life (fear of torture and death), instead of crass commercialism and propagation, like we Americans.

China hasn't been a "nice guy" in your lifetime. I don't care who you are, or how old you are, nobody living has ever seen a "nice" China. Not before Mao, and certainly not after.

China has an agenda, and controlling North Korea fits nicely into it.

China has some serious grudges, too, and controlling North Korea fits nicely into that one, too.

My next post will outline what's really going on. In the meantime, wake up, pull your head out, and realize that the world just changed dramatically - and NOT for the better...


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