Monday, February 12, 2007

Angry White Dixie Chicks

You ever wonder how messed up the three Dixie Chicks must be these days?

They won a ton of Grammy's last night. I didn't watch, of course, but the news has all sorts of gloating stories about "vindication," etc.

The news is a product of the press.

The Grammy's are a product of the Music Industry.

Both of these, as you well know, are in a near free-fall. Why? Because they aren't credible, likeable, or believable. The Dixie Chicks getting recognition and cover time by the Grammy's and the Press is akin to Ted Nugent getting "Hunter of the Year" from the NRA. It means everything, if you care about the group that's recognizing you, and absolutely nothing to anyone else.

The Dixie Chicks had to cancel whole swaths of their 2005/6 tour. Big chunks of the USA spoke with the only voice that matters - their wallets - and told them "what you did was wrong, and how you're responding is only more wrong."

We've come to learn that their nemesis, Toby Keith, is about as liberal as I am conservative. He's a democrat. The difference is: contrary to the image he likes to project, Toby Keith is a gentleman. He learned early on that you don't mix work and politics. He has, in basic terms, class.

Would I vote for him, were he to run for office? Depends upon the office. Probably not, but that's based wholly on issues. Would I let him watch my kids, or take care of my dogs, and would I do the same for him? Based on what I know of him now, I'd say "yes." He seems like the kind of guy you could have a meal with and actually enjoy the conversation.

The Dixie Chicks? Not a chance. And there is zero chance that I'd let them watch the dogs, either.

In general, you don't let children watch children, and how these girls continue to behave is childish. When a child acts childish, that's expected. When an adult acts childish, it's uncomfortable at best, and deeply unsettling at worst. The Chicks' behavior falls somewhere on that continuum.

So have your laugh, girls, and enjoy the fact that your comrades have recognized you. Perhaps for a day or two it will hide the fact that you really did have what Toby Keith still has - people listening to his music - and you threw it away.

"Hollywood," to coin a term for the establishment that you are basically now a part of, doesn't really like Country Music. Don't believe me? Look how they treat their own. They throw cheap statues at an album that sold so poorly that the tour had to be canceled.

Maybe instead of birds feet, the chicks can tatoo little flags on their feet for this. It would represent how they ignored reality and instead just planted the flag and declared victory...



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