Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dance with the one who brung ya...

My wife and I were watching the news last night when they announced that WalMart won't be using the phrase "Merry Christmas" anymore, so as not to offend anybody.

I'm offended - don't I count?

My wife also made what I consider a brilliant observation: "Which holiday causes all of this frenzied shopping that makes December the happiest time of the year for WalMart?"

She's right. You "dance with the one who brung ya," as they say in Texas.

Will WalMart be satisfied if this year their holiday sales are confined to Kwanzaa gifts? Will they be willing to forfeit their trim-a-tree department sales in favor of a dradel display?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Behold, the City of Lights...

It wasn't supposed to happen this way.

Johnny Depp is on the record telling us how he'd never live with his children in the USA, because we are too aggressive. He used phrases like "dumb puppy," and "broken toy" in describing America.

Gwyneth Paltrow won't raise her children here, either, because "it's too dangerous."

Many years ago a favorite band of mine, The Clash, predicted that London would soon be burning - at the hands of the disenfranchised, in a fit of Socialist (or, if you prefer, Communist) revolution.

To all of these seers, I have two words: Not exactly.

It seems as if the violent revolution has come, but it has come to Europe and it is decidedly NOT class based. Instead, it is being termed a "Jihad," and we all know what that word means, don't we?

Yes, those wascally Islamofascists are at it again, only this time it's not Baghdad seeing an insurgency: it's France and Denmark.

Oh, you haven't heard about the rioting in Denmark? Google this: +riots +denmark +muslim and see what you get. Seems as if our friends in the MSM have missed this minor bump in the road so that they could carry more "Cindy Sheehan" type articles.

Remember that, next time you pick up a New York Times or tune in NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN. Muslim thugs are roaming the streets of Arhus chanting "This is OUR land" and you haven't heard of it. More than 3,000 vehicles have been torched in France after almost two SOLID weeks of rioting, and you're told it's by "youths."

Did you hear that they're burning churches? No? How about buildings and people, did you hear that? No? Why?

Fortunately the people of Europe made sure that they kept their gun-rights, so that at times like this they don't have to just huddle in their homes, defenseless, as bands of molotov-cocktail throwing Islamofascists terrorize them. Instead they have met the scum head-on, asking them to "Say hello to my little friend!" as they protect their families and property.

Oh, that's right - they DID forfeit their guns, in the name of "peace," didn't they? So now they ARE completely vulnerable to the attacks... As they say in French, c'est la vie.

It's not London that is burning at the hands of the Left - it's PARIS that's burning, at the hands of Islamofascists. Still, we can thank the left for playing such a pivotal role in this, and forcing "gun control" on the good people of Europe. Bravo.

Now all they have to do is enforce "gasoline and glass bottle control," followed by "matches control," followed by "flint control," followed by "knife control," followed by "pointy stick control," followed by "large rock or brick control." Eventually we'll get down to "fist control," and have everyone's hands severed at the wrist - although "stump control" could still be required.

At what point can we simply declare ourselves intolerant to this thuggery, and start shooting back? I'll tell you at what point: the moment it comes to our shore.

One key reason you might see this kind of rioting in Paris, but no way will you see it in Dallas...

In Dallas, they'd shoot back. A lot. And you know it, and the Islamofascists know it.